Federal & State Government

La Quinta City Hall Expansion<br />La Quinta, CA<br /><br />1st and 2nd floor office expansion – 16,800 sf.<br /><br />Architect:    Pearson Architects, Inc, Palm Desert, CA<br /><br />Owner:        La Quinta City, CA<br /><br />  Point Fermin Lighthouse Renovation<br />San Pedro, CA<br /><br />Renovation of HVAC system including Humidity control to entire building.<br /><br />Architect:    N/A<br /><br />Owner:        City of Los Angeles, CA <br /><br />

US Marshals Security facility 9,000 sf - San Diego, CA

INS Security facility 10,000 sf - Los Angeles, CA

Otay Mesa Border Patrol - HVAC and Chiller Remodel, Otay Mesa, CA

Camp Pendleton - Refridgent Replacement Study, San Diego, CA


FDG Consulting Engineers Inc.