Hotel / Residential / Retirement

The Promenade Walk<br />Long Beach, CA<br /><br />One four story and one three story mixed use building with two levels on subterranean parking totaling 350 units and ground level retail<br /><br />Architect:    Nestor Gaffney Architects, Santa Ana, CA<br /><br />Owner:        The Olsen Company<br />

The Vintage Country Club - 16,000 sf, La Quinta, CA

Tustin Royale Retirement home - 200 units, Tustin, CA

La Quinta Country Club - 38,000 sf, La Qunita, CA

Pointe Brea Apartments - 225 units, Brea, CA

Marriott Grand Residence - Cooling tower replacement, CA

Long Beach Promenade - 350 units, Long Beach, CA

Parc Place Condos - 325 units, San Jose, CA

Green Street Condos - 150 units, Pasadena, CA

Baton Rouge Condos - 175 units, San Jose, CA

Waterstone Playa Vista 102 - 102 units, Los Angeles, CA

Las Brisas Condos -125 units, Watsonville, CA

Ave 26 Condos - 336 units, Los Angeles, CA

Flores Del Valle - 146 units, Los Angeles, CA

15 Salinas - 63 units, Pajero, CA

Royal Court - 150 units, Morgan Hill, CA

Irvington Village - 225 units, San Jose, CA

Trellis Fifth Avenue - Pier review & code compliance - 11 story and  6 story Apartment building with 3 levels of below ground parking and ground floor retail space, San Diego, CA

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