Foster Design Group provides Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) consulting engineering services to the following six market sectors: Commercial, Healthcare, Technology, Retail, Institutional and Residential.

The Mechanical discipline comprises the following services; Building Air Handling unit systems including supply, return, exhaust, chilled water, heating hot water, condenser water systems, general building exhaust systems, garage ventilation systems, Industrial Air Handling/ventilation systems, Building Automation systems and Controls (BAS/EMS), Building due diligence reports and specialized Air Handling Units, filtration and Humidity control systems for Hospitals compliant with OSHPD standards, Cleanrooms, Data Centers and kitchen grease exhaust systems.  

The Electrical discipline comprises the following services; Utility and site coordination, Power distribution for all of the sectors, Standby generator power systems for 24/7 applications, Uninterruptible Power Supply systems, Audio Visual systems, Lighting design which include specialized interior lighting and also exterior lighting, Photovoltaic systems (solar power), Life Safety and Fire Alarm, Specialized electrical systems for Hospitals to include ground fault protection, isolated ground power compliant with OSHPD standards, and Cleanroom, Manufacturing and Data Centers facilities.  

The Plumbing discipline comprises the following services; Complete Plumbing systems including sanitary waste and vent, domestic hot and cold water, natural gas, and roof drainage systems. Specialized systems for Hospitals, kitchens, laboratory, and industrial applications which include medical gas systems compliant with OSHPD standards, grease waste, acid waste and vent, compressed air, and specialty gases.

We pride ourselves on being current with the latest trends in the construction industry and apply this knowledge in selecting the appropriate materials and methods of installation to give our customers a cost effective yet sustainable Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing infrastructure.
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