Inland Regional Center (IRC)<br />Redlands, CA<br /><br />Two 3 story and one 2 story office building, Shell and T.I. with Floor mounted AHU’s and Chilled and Heating water central plant - totaling 200,000 sf.<br /> <br />Architect:    Ware Malcomb Architects, Irvine, CA <br /><br />Owner:        IRC<br />  Three Parkside<br />San Bernadino, CA<br /><br />Warm core and warm shell 2 story office building VAV A/C units with hot water reheat– 30,600 sf<br /><br />Architect:    Ware Malcomb Architects, Irvine, CA<br /><br />Owner:        Glenborough Realty Trust<br />  Jeffrey Office Park<br />Tustin, CA<br /><br />Fifty single story office buildings, Warm shell  - totaling 312,200 sf.<br /><br />Architect:    Ware Malcomb Architects, Irvine, CA<br /><br />Owner:        Bacchus Development, <br /> 

Bausch Lomb T.I. - 25,000 sf 4th floor Tenant Improvement, LEED Certified, Aliso Viejo, CA

Summit Oaks - 145,000 sf, 5 story office building LEED Certified, Santa Clarita, CA

Wachovia Bank - Various locations in California, LEED Certified

Belmont Industrial Building - 70,000 sf, Industrial building, LEED Certified, Ontario, CA

Arroya buildings 3 & 4 - 2 buildings, 3 storys 300,000 sf, Las Vegas, NV

Bullhead Airpark Business Park - 16 buildings 180,500 sf, Bullhead City NV

LNR Entrata Headquarters - 2 buildings 4 storys 200,000 sf,  Valencia, CA

Talega Animal Hospital - San Clemente, CA

Bressi Ranch - 18 Buildings 126,500 sf, Carlsbad, CA

Haven Office Park Park - 8 buildings 80,500 sf, Rancho Cucamonga,  CA

Pittburgh Office Park - 8 buildings 52,500 sf, Rancho Cucamonga,  CA

Glenborough Office Bldg - 3 story, 75,000 sf, Ontario, CA

Centre Point - 28 buildings, 180,000 sf, Moreno Valley, CA

Chino Business Park - 31 single story Office/Warehouse buildings, Chino, CA

Montebello Business Center - 250,000 sf Office/Warehouse bldgs, Montebello, CA

Jackson Office Park -12 buildings 120,000 sf, Murrieta, CA

Retreat Business Ctr - 3 buildings 35,000 sf, Riverside, CA

Gordon Huether Studio - Artist studio, Napa Valley, CA

BAX Global - 28,000 sf Customs warehouse/office complex, Los Angeles, CA

Newport Corporation - 2 buildings 30,000 sf manufacturing, Wuxi, China

Second Harvest Food Bank  - 121,000 sf, Irvine, CA

Pacific Coast Business Park - 12 buildings 80,000 sf MOB, Oceanside, CA

Xebec 5th St  - 4 buildings 120,000 sf office/warehouse,  Chino,  CA

FDG Consulting Engineers Inc.